Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Perfect Timing

As I watched the King memorial January 19, 2009 I couldn't help but think, for such a time as this God’s timing is perfect. I felt like a child on Christmas day. My heart was filled with joy and excitement. Forty years in the making and Dr. King's dream has become a reality. Who would have thought the day would come and I would be able to witness having our first African-American President. We’ve seen black actors portray the President in movies and television and even then we knew it wouldn’t come to pass… until now. Dr King’s dream is now a reality. What a blessing it was to see people coming together from different nationalities and religious backgrounds preparing to witness the first African-American swearing into the oval office. We the people of the United States of America were able to judge a man by his character and not by the color of his skin. We were able to come together in unity and stand as one. What a dream come true! I know that Dr. King is smiling down on us, along side with Mrs. King, Malcolm X, Hosea Williams, and Rosa Parks along with many others who fought the good fight for civil rights.
I want to say Thank you Dr .King for your endurance and teaching us how to love. Thank you for teaching us how to retaliate against violence. Thank you for not giving up on your dream. Thank you, Rosa Parks for saying “No” while you were on the bus. Thank you Brother Malcolm for your wisdom and teaching us by any means necessary. Thank you Rev. Williams for walking along side with Dr. King as you both endured the day they called “bloody Sunday” for our civil rights.
What a blessing and honor it is to know that your dream was not in vain. We have come a mighty long way.

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