Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking forward to the rest of my life

The year 2008 has come and gone. As the new year starts to set in, I reflected on last years goals. I asked myself If I've accomplished any goals for 08. Did I really get out of debt liked I planned? Was I able to take a vacation like I planned? Did I find Mr. Right?
This year I was under the impression that I was going to conquer some of the giants in my life, but to my surprise my plans were interrupted by obstacles and mishaps. I felt as if I were in a losing battle, let down after let down. There were times when I could not see through the fog of depression and defeat.
There were times when I felt like throwing in the towel.

As I sat alone in my darkest hour, my heavenly father shined his light down on me, like a coal miner in the darkest mine. He aloud me to see when I was blinded by stress and frustration. He aloud me to laugh when I was hurting on the inside. He aloud me to feel when my spirit was numb.

My journey through the valley was a very rough adventure. When I was tired and needed a place to rest in the wilderness, God allowed me to rest my head. He nurtured my spirit with his word. Without his word I could not have made it without him. He has been my strength, my provider and my everything. I have completed 2008 with gratitude, hope, courage and faith.

This year I will continue to fulfill my goals from 2008. I may have experienced some setbacks, however those setbacks will allow God to set-up what he his planned for me. We have to use our enemies as our foot-stools.
I know I must stay focused on him. I have to allow him to work according to his timing and not mine.
I look forward to the new year with an optimistic view on life. I will continue to persevere and know that God will lead me into a year of great expectations.

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  1. Hey Judie,

    Let me first and foremost state this one fact. Life is difficult. That is it in a nutshell. Once we understand this simple quote, it becomes alittle easier to cope. It is easier to deal with those dark moments that are but small shadows that we pass through while on the journey. This quote makes it easier to look and embrace and enjoy those times that make us smile. This quote allows us to enjoy the good people that God puts in our lives and at some point realize that these road blocks are lessons that he has for us.
    Judie you are a beautiful special woman and there is no one like you. Take this journey that the Lord has you on as a test and when you come through the forest you will see that there is a reason and a blessing at the end. Keep your head up, you are not alone.

    Peace be on to you,

    Charles A. Turner II